Unify for SkuVault Features

Make selling easier, with accurate, organized accounting and inventory.

QuickBooks integration with SkuVault

Accounting Automation

  • With no data entry, sync and track sales data from SkuVault directly into QuickBooks or Xero
  • Easily add a connection to your Amazon or eBay account to track marketplace fees
  • Post individual sales or a daily sales summary from SkuVault to QuickBooks or Xero
  • Sync, track, and post all aspects of the sale, including customer information, item details, quantity, and price
  • Create sales orders, receipts, and invoices in QuickBooks or Xero


SkuVault multichannel inventory management

Inventory Sync

  • Centralize all of your products in SkuVault and use Unify to keep them all in sync with your accounting
  • When you ship a product, instantly sync and track the financial results in your accounting
  • Sync a SkuVault purchase order to your accounting system to stay on top of new stock
  • Keep your multichannel inventory prices and quantities in sync in real time


Record Amazon eBay fees into QuickBooks

Expenses and Fees

  • Connect Unify for SkuVault with your Amazon, eBay, and Etsy accounts to gain even more control of profit margins
  • Track, sync, and post all revenue, payment fees, expenses, gift cards, and store credits to your accounting
  • Always know where your money is


SkuVault multichannel integration

Multichannel Selling

  • Easily scale as needed—experiment by adding different sales channels and increase profits
  • See reports of your entire business and gain strategic insights from that data
  • Know your multichannel inventory is always up to date and accurate